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Money Train 3 Review, Demo Play, and Payout. Free Spins, Bonuses, and Cashouts.

Money Train 1 origin is the wild West, Money Train 2 had a more steampunk feel to it, but the latest installment of the series has an entirely futuristic look. Money Train 3 is not set in a ghost city but appears to be in the same future as West World.

Relax Gaming’s Money Train 3 slot has been upgraded. The game’s background constantly changes, and the characters come alive as part of a winning combination. Every element of the game is dynamic, starting with a 3D-rendered cutscene.
Money Train 3 does an excellent job of reviving the original theme while maintaining sight of the familiar aesthetics that players love. Money Trains 1 & 2 fans will be delighted to know that Money Train 3 is a special treat.

Money Train 3

How to Win

Relax Gaming’s Money Train slot has 40 pay lines. You must land three or more matching symbols anywhere on the reels starting from the leftmost. The most generous symbols are always human characters. For a five-of-a-kind combination, the sheriff will pay 20x.


Unlike Money Train 2, the respins bonus is not dependent on two scatters landing. The reels will freeze one of the symbols at any given time, and all other reels will spin. A prize will be awarded for each additional symbol that lands. During this round, you can trigger multipliers of 1x, 2x, and 3x.

Money Cart Bonus

The Money Cart round will be activated when you land three bonus symbols. This feature is available in Money Train 1 and 2, along with other top Relax Gaming slots such as Chip Spin.

The round begins with three spins. You run out of reel space, or the counter reaches 0, and the game ends. If a new symbol appears, the counter resets back to 3. If you fill a reel with bonus symbols, additional spaces can be obtained for marks.

The bonus symbols you may land will have a value between 1x-10x your wager, and there are many modifiers that you could trigger.

  • Collector: All symbols’ values are added to his total.
  • Sniper: Increases the value up to 8 symbols
  • Collector-Payer Adds value to between 3 and 5 symbols and then adds it to all characters.
  • Necromancer: Any non-persistent symbol can be revived to be used again
  • Absorber: All regular bonus symbols are eliminated.
  • Tommy Gun Sniper: Select one symbol, which will be doubled up to six times its value.
  • Tommy Gun Payer: Displays values from 5x to 100x and adds them to symbols up to 10. You will then find persistent versions of the Collector and Sniper as well as Collector-Payer, Collector-Payer, Necromancer, and Collector-Payer. They all perform the same action, but they do it on every spin.
  • The Shapeshifter is a new symbol in Money Train 3. It will change into a new character after each spin.

Money Train 3 Slot Review – Our Verdict

Money Train 3 is an excellent addition to the series. The gameplay is very similar to the other two games, but some tremendous little changes make this game stand out.

Embarking on the quest for the perfect online casino can be akin to navigating a labyrinth of glittering opportunities and thrilling possibilities. It’s a journey that demands not only a spirit of adventure but also a keen eye for detail and strategic acumen. Amidst the myriad of choices that dazzle and beckon, discerning gamers must navigate with precision to find a haven that resonates with their unique gaming ethos.

Delving into the Kaleidoscope of Games and Technological Wizards

At the heart of any online casino’s allure lies its eclectic game collection. Imagine a treasure trove brimming with timeless classics, the pulsating energy of live dealer encounters, the intellectual rigor of strategic table games, and an array of novel attractions. This cornucopia of gaming delights caters to the whims and fancies of a diverse gaming populace. Collaboration with technological maestros like NetEnt, Microgaming, and Playtech elevates this experience, weaving in unparalleled graphic finesse, captivating soundscapes, and fluid gameplay. Such partnerships aren’t just a hallmark of excellence but a promise of an ever-evolving gaming narrative that keeps the thrill alive.

The Pillars of Legitimacy and Fort Knox-Like Security

For the astute player, the bedrock of confidence in any online casino is its licensing and regulatory framework. Esteemed oversight bodies like the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission stand as guardians of integrity, ensuring adherence to the highest echelons of fairness, player protection, and ethical gaming. In parallel, the impregnability of advanced encryption technologies to guard personal and financial sanctuaries is non-negotiable for a stress-free gaming sojourn.

Navigating the Labyrinth of Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions, the sirens of the casino world, beckon with their allure. However, it’s the wise who tread with caution, peeling back layers of conditions to reveal the true essence of these offers. Comprehending the intricacies of wagering stipulations, the subtle nuances of game restrictions, and the fleeting nature of validity periods is instrumental in harnessing the full potential of these enticements without succumbing to hidden snares.

The Pulse of Modernity: Mobile Gaming and Seamless Interactions

In an era that races against time, the freedom to dive into the gaming realm anytime, anywhere is paramount. Elite casinos understand this pulse, offering a mobile experience that’s not just a scaled-down version of the desktop realm but a standalone marvel – intuitive, seamless, and responsive. This digital interface becomes a portal where games, transactions, and dreams converge with effortless fluidity.

The Backbone of Success: Stellar Customer Support and Diverse Monetary Conduits

The true mettle of a casino is tested in its ability to stand by its players. A robust customer support network, accessible via myriad channels and marked by prompt responses and expertise, is the cornerstone of a trustworthy gaming platform. Equally vital is the array of monetary conduits – a spectrum spanning traditional and digital realms, ensuring transactional ease and flexibility.

Championing the Cause of Responsible Gaming

Finally, a commendable online casino is one that doesn’t just enthrall but also empowers its patrons. It advocates for responsible gaming through tools that allow players to set personal thresholds – a testament to its commitment to player welfare and sustainable gaming practices.

In summation, the quest for the right casino is not just about personal preference; it’s a meticulous research expedition. A haven that offers a rich tapestry of games, impenetrable security, fair and enticing bonuses, a mobile experience par excellence, unwavering customer support, and a staunch stance on responsible gaming, is the Holy Grail for players seeking not just entertainment but a rewarding and secure gaming journey.